Did you know InControl Apps enables owners to use a variety of vehicle-optimized smartphone apps on their vehicle’s touchscreen?

InControl Apps presents an interactive set of apps that enable media streaming, cloud- and location-based services, and more via a dedicated USB port. With InControl Apps, owners can:

– Find old favorites and discover new music with 30 million tracks from Spotify

– Check the whereabouts of keys, wallet and other essentials on their smartphone with Tile

– Keep entertained by choosing from over 45,000 free Audiobooks

InControl Apps also includes Genius Maps – a premium GPS navigation solution with a rich set of features:

– Pro Guidance enables turn-by-turn voice instructions, automatic rerouting, speed limit alerts, POI along the route and unlimited map updates for a selected region.

– Live Traffic lets drivers know about congestion, road work and accidents, and reroutes their trip automatically. Drivers can instantly view real-time traffic info and adjusted travel times on multiple saved routes.

– Safety Cameras informs drivers about approaching safety camera locations to alert them about their surroundings and encourage them to drive safer.

InControl Apps is optional on some models.


Info on Jaguar and Land Rover websites

For more information about InControl Apps go to www.jaguarusa.com or www.landroverusa.com.

Did you know there’s a good way to reduce service lane crowding in the early morning?

Retailer service departments often have numerous owners arrive early each morning, resulting in a hectic situation for Service Advisors and customers alike.

The solution for this can be as straightforward as offering customers a later appointment when they contact the Retailer. At the time of setting a service appointment it’s best not to ask the customer: “When do you want to drop off your car?” That’s because most people will ask for an early time, even if they don’t actually need one.

Instead, say to them: “We have a 9:15 or a 9:30 appointment time. Which is better for you?” There will be two general types of responses: “I can’t come that late. I have to be at work earlier (or something similar).”

In this case, the Retailer response could be: “We save our earliest times for people going to work (or with other early appointments). I have 7:45 or 8:00 appointments available to you.”

The other type of customer response occurs when they don’t really need an early appointment. In response to the offer of a later appointment they will often say: “Great. That gives me time to drop my kids off at school (or something similar) and then bring in my car to have the maintenance work done.”

In this way, offering the later appointment option can make the service drop-off process run smoother and reinforce how the JLR Retailer is Easy To Do Business With – one of the Customer First Principles.


More info in Process Training Workshops

This topic and more are discussed in the Success in Service workshops. To sign up, go to www.training.jaguar.com or www.training.landrover.com.