Did you know many drivers are pleased to discover EV charging is more affordable than they expected?

Driving an EV is less expensive than driving a traditional car. In many cases, workplaces and retailers offer free Level 2 charging to attract EV drivers. But even when drivers pay for electricity, they’ll still end up spending less. Here’s an example that includes the new Jaguar I-PACE.

– A driver owns a traditional car that gets 24 mpg. If gas costs $2.32/gallon and the car is driven 15,000 miles per year, then the owner will spend $1,450 on fuel each year.

– The driver switches to an I-PACE that gets an estimated 2.83 miles/kWh and electricity costs $0.13/kWh (the national average). The I-PACE is also driven 15,000 miles per year, but now the cost is only $690.

In this scenario, driving an I-PACE saves $760. ($1,450 – $690 = $760)

Customers will want to know how charging up is less expensive than fueling up.


Info at Electrification Launch Training

Participants attending the Electrification Launch Training in Southern California this month and next will learn all about the cost savings of driving electric.

Did you know InControl Remote™ includes a Wake Up Timer?

All 18MY Jaguar and Land Rover vehicles offer InControl Remote as standard.

The InControl Remote system enters a low power mode 96 hours after the last engine stop. This action conserves vehicle battery life. When the vehicle is parked for an extended period, for example, when on vacation or during a business trip, the Wake Up Timer can be used to wake up the Remote features on a selected date. (Any date within a 30-day period can be chosen.)

Once the Wake Up Timer is set, the Remote features re-enter low power mode after 60 hours. Battery power is then reserved for the wake up.

Customers should know that any time the vehicle is in low power mode, select features of InControl Remote will not operate, including remote start, remote climate and remote unlock.