How the Dark web works

To work in the Dark web requires the installation and use of special software. To do this, you need to be a pretty experienced user. There are two options: the I2P protocol (Invisible Internet Project) and the TOR protocol (The Onion Router). These are two different technologies that make work anonymous.

TOR is a system of proxy servers that allow you to establish an anonymous network connection that is protected from eavesdropping. TOR sites use a domain name .onion.

Dark internet surfing is usually faster with TOR.

The I2P network is overlay, stable (disconnecting the node will not affect the functioning of the network) and anonymous. Encryption is used when transferring data between network nodes. The speed of work is inferior to TOR, but I2P is more stable before law enforcement supervision.

In both cases, the Dark web works using sophisticated mathematical encryption to encrypt the identity, network, and location of the participant. All network traffic jumps from server to server around the world, which makes tracking impossible. The exchange of messages is carried out using aliases that are not related to the real person. Most money transactions use Bitcoin and third-party escrow services to protect the buyer and seller from unfair trading.