What is “Dark web”?

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The “Dark web” is part of the world Wide Web, consisting of an overlay network and a darknet, uses the public Internet and requires certain software, configurations or authorization to access. The post describes in more detail what the “Dark web” is.

What is the “Dark web”

The Dark web, which is sometimes called “Darknet” (dark Internet) or “Deep Web” (deep web) is part of the shadow online market. Dark web is a specialized group of sites where the identity of each user is hidden from the authorities, trackers and law enforcement agencies. Ordinary search engines and standard web browsers cannot see Dark web pages. In fact, it is a private virtual space where people act anonymously to achieve their goals.

The purpose of the “Dark Internet”

The purpose of the Dark web is to provide complete anonymity online with a guarantee of security, where users can virtually interact with each other and not be afraid of the law. The Dark web contains forums, informant blogs, matchmaking services, online markets, documentation resources, etc.

Positive: if you look at it, the Dark web acts as a haven for democracy and anti-corruption. Here, informants can report corporate and government misconduct to the press, without fear of prosecution, declassify corrupt actions that are hidden from the public. There is complete freedom of speech and information in this network. The Dark web is also a place where people from despotic countries or repressive religions can find like—minded people and even get help. And of course, the Dark web is a haven for journalists and people with a very non-standard lifestyle to communicate online and not be afraid of reprisals.

Negative: The Dark web has a dark side. It acts as a black market where you can buy or sell anything, any contraband, stolen items or illegally obtained information. Drugs, weapons, stolen credit card numbers, various pornography, money laundering services and even hiring murderers — all this is on the Dark web.