Payment for goods and services on the Dark Web

Since PayPal or credit card payments provide identity information, the Dark Web prefers Bitcoin. In many cases, a third-party escrow service will act both on behalf of the buyer and on behalf of the seller, acting as a trusted intermediary in exchange for commissions.

Bitcoin exchanges are carried out using anonymous account numbers (just like Swiss bank accounts, but with more disguise). These anonymous accounts are called “Bitcoin wallet”. It is important to remember that bitcoin is not a regulated currency. Therefore, in case of fraud or dishonest financial transactions, it will not be possible to contact the bank for a refund.

Mediation in depositing

Escrow services give the intermediary the opportunity to act as a proxy. The intermediary checks whether the buyer really has the money to pay. Then notifies the seller that everything is in order. Before transferring funds to the seller, the intermediary waits for confirmation of sending the goods to the buyer.

Escrow services are sometimes provided by the darknet market itself (for example, the Nucleus website promises escrow and dispute resolution services for all its customers).