Did you know that I-PACE Adaptive Dynamics senses the road 500 times a second to provide the ultimate in performance, comfort and handling?

Not only that, the system monitors multiple sensors that analyze both road and driver inputs: vertical wheel positions, vehicle acceleration, steering inputs, as well as throttle and brake pedal activity. All this in order to constantly adjust the suspension damping settings for the best personalized driving experience.

What does this specifically mean for the driver?

• I-PACE body control for a comfortable ride

• Reduced nose-dive under braking events and reduced squat during acceleration

• Improved steering response

• Wheel hop control for increased safety

Whether your customer is accelerating on the highway, cornering on country roads or navigating around town, Adaptive Dynamics modifies the I-PACE response to match the conditions and their driving style. All attributes your customer can experience on a demo drive!

But that’s not all.

Select Dynamic Mode with Adaptive Dynamics and the system allows your customer to change I PACE’s throttle sensitivity, steering weighting and damper stiffness. ‘Normal’ if they want it, or ‘Dynamic’ to enliven I PACE’s sporting character.

For the ultimate in personalized driving control and handling – monitored constantly – show your customers the benefits of I-PACE Adaptive Dynamics with Dynamic Mode. It’s available on all models, and standard on First Edition.

Did you know that Navigation Pro on I-PACE predicts your owner’s EV range for the trip?

And, the I-PACE Navigation uses much more than just previous mileage and energy consumption to calculate the range.

• Suppose your owner has a cabin in the mountains. The EV Navigation system uses E- Horizon technology where topography (slope/height) data is compiled into the navigation map to provide a more accurate range prediction.

• Whether it’s a cabin in the mountains, a trip to the shore or just around town, this technology can also provide the most Eco friendly drive route to preserve EV range

• The navigation system shows a predicted battery % remaining upon arrival, based on the topography of the route, types of roadways, current battery conditions, current features activated (heated steering wheel, max A/C, etc.) and driving style.

• Of course, the NavSystem also lets you know when recharging is needed, and where you can find charging stations on the route.

The best route, conserving electricity and peace-of-mind – a combination easily available to the I-PACE owner. Make sure you demonstrate these exciting Navigation/EV Range features to owners and prospects.