Did you know that there is now a web version of The Source!

The Source is a handy tool designed specifically for our North America Retailer sales force. It provides quick access to a wealth of key information – one-stop shop for all you need to know about our innovative product range. Whether you, or your customer, want to understand the style and design choices, investigate the latest technology, review videos or access key product information and specs  The Source has it all!

And now, there is a web version of The Source. It is currently supported on Safari or Chrome browsers only and can be accessed via your desktop, phone or tablet – whatever is convenient to you. For those who don’t use smart devices or might be short on storage, you can now easily access on your device, laptop or desktop.

Additionally, the new I-PACE folio is now available for you to explore via the app or the web version.

For your own Jaguar Land Rover knowledge – and to help out your customers – you can now access The Source on all your electronic devices on the go or at your desk. Visit The Source: https://www.jlrthesource.com/ or for further information email us: contact@jlrthesource.com.

Did you know that when pairing an Apple iPhone, syncing contacts and enabling pop up text messages is easy!

With a recent IOS software update, the functionality of how contacts sync with the vehicle has changed.


Once an iPhone has been successfully paired to the vehicle, a pop up may appear on your phone (1) asking to “Allow Contacts and Favorites Sync?” Select “Allow” to enable. (Note: This does not enable the text message feature)


Another option is to select the small blue ‘i’ icon (2) to the right of the vehicle which your device is paired to.


The second screen displays both the ‘Show Notifications’ (3) and ‘Sync Contacts’ (4) options. Simply swipe right to enable.


The ‘Sync Contacts’ must be switched on for the vehicle to recognize the contacts stored on the phone. Likewise, activating ‘Show Notifications’ will enable text messages to appear on the infotainment screen.


Make sure your customers, with Apple devices, know how to sync their contact list with their vehicle – for an added convenience they can use at any time.