Did You Know Range Rover and Range Rover Sport have an Automatic Access Height feature?

JLR_JUN2016_email_7.28_deploy_7.28.16Beginning with the 2016 model year, Range Rover and Range Rover Sport have Automatic Access
Height as standard. This feature allows the driver to lower the vehicle with precision, for easier entry and exit when parked.

Automatic Access Height will initially lower the suspension to 0.9 inches below the normal setting during the following:

  • When the vehicle is stationary and any first or second row seat belts are unbuckled
  • The ignition is switched off.

After the initial lowering of the suspension, and once a door is subsequently opened, the feature will lower the suspension to the lowest setting. Note: This feature can be disabled via vehicle settings if desired.

Customers will want to know the details about this convenience feature, now on Range Rover and Range Rover Sport.

Info in the Owner’s Handbook

For additional details about system operation view the Owner’s Handbook excerpt in the Resource Center.