Did you know the new Jaguar F-PACE has an optional full-size spare wheel?

Screen Shot 2016-09-06 at 2.35.54 PM

It has the same dimension and style as the wheels fitted to the vehicle. When fitted with this option, changes are made to the vehicle’s cargo area.

A new loadspace floor is required and the configuration of the cargo area is affected. Also, some accessories and factory-fit options, such as luggage rails, cannot be fitted.

So, order accordingly based upon customer demand.

Here’s another option that will interest Jaguar F-PACE customers: Roof Rails. But please note that Roof Rails are only available in black and as a factory-fit option. They cannot be retailer-fitted.


Info in the Resource Center

To find out more about both of these options for Jaguar F-PACE, go to the Resource Center in the JLR Training eNewsletter and view the recent Jaguar Marketing Bulletin.