Did you know a hands-free powered tailgate is available on the entire 2016 Range Rover lineup?

Screen Shot 2016-09-06 at 3.32.07 PMA new option for the 2016 model year is a hands-free powered tailgate feature named Gesture Tailgate. Control of the tailgate opening and closing is enhanced by gesture technology that enables the driver to operate the tailgate from curbside without needing to physically touch either the vehicle or the key fob.

Simply approach the side of the vehicle between the wheel arch and the rear of the vehicle. Have your key fob with you and make a single slow kicking motion without actually contacting the vehicle. The Gesture Tailgate sensor will evaluate the movement and trigger the tailgate to open or close.

Customers will want to know all the details about this convenience feature, now avail-able on the entire Range Rover lineup.


Info in the Resource Center

To see a video demonstration of the Gesture Tailgate, go to the Resource Center in the JLR Training eNewsletter.