Did you know that Park Assist is available on most Jaguar and Land Rover vehicles?

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Park Assist is an aid to maneuvering Jaguar and Land Rover vehicles in and out of parking spaces. The system is activated by pressing the Park Assist button on
or alongside the touch screen. The driver can then scroll the three Park Assist features: Parallel Park, Perpendicular Parkand Parking Exit.

The system utilizes sensors to gauge the length and width of a parking space to determine if the car will fit. Once a space is identified, Parallel Park prompts the driver to select reverse and automatically steers the car. The driver only has to control the brakes and accelerator.

Perpendicular Park reverses the vehicle into a parking space that is at a 90° angle to the vehicle, and Parking Exit aids the driver by providing steering automation when exiting a parallel parking space.

Park Assist is available on all Jaguar and Land Rover vehicles except LR4 and F-TYPE, so order accordingly based upon customer demand.


Info in the Resource Center

To see a video demonstration of Park Assist, go to the Resource Center in the JLR Training eNewsletter.