Did you know Jaguar Land Rover has expanded InControl Apps™ with Integration of Tile Bluetooth Tracking App?

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Tile has developed a small, connected hardware device that attaches to a keychain or fits inside a pocket or purse, and pairs with the Tile app to help people locate the things that matter most to them.

Now the tracking app is available on all Jaguar Land Rover models with InControl Apps enabled. It’s the world’s first integration of this pioneering technology into the automotive space.

The unique in-vehicle app is designed to put an end to wasted time spent searching for lost items. Once the Tile is purchased and the app is initiated using the vehicle’s touch-screen, customers are notified if specific items are not inside the vehicle and are able to obtain on-screen directions to their location.


Info in the Resource Center

To view a press release from the Jaguar Land Rover Media Center, go to the Resource Center in the JLR Training eNewsletter. You can also watch a Tile demonstration video on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pXSsefBWKsw.