Did you know InControl Touch Pro includes a customizable home screen?

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Many Jaguar and Land Rover models feature InControl Touch Pro, an  advanced multimedia system designed to make driving more enjoyable. The system seamlessly integrates with smartphones to offer a range of  services that keep drivers connected while on the move.

The system incorporates a fully customizable home screen with more than 60 shortcuts and widgets allowing drivers to personalize the system around the features they use most.

Widgets can be sized depending on the complexity of the information and preferences of the driver. Users can easily add additional home screens if they need a larger canvas to add widgets/further features/functions/shortcuts up to a maximum of four screens.


Demonstration video on YouTube

To learn how to customize the InControl Touch Pro home screen, watch a demonstration video on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oajauU6gEog.