Did you know Lane Keep Assist is available on many Jaguar and Land Rover vehicles?

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Lane Keep Assist is an enhancement of Lane Departure Warning and uses the forward-facing camera to detect lane markings ahead of the vehicle. If it detects that the vehicle is getting too close to either side of its lane, the system will gently but noticeably counter-steer to keep the vehicle in the lane. If preferred, the system can be set to only provide steering wheel vibrations.

Additionally, Driver Condition Monitor analyzes drivers’ steering behavior to identify periods when their concentration is failing, often due to tiredness. Customers will want to know all the details about this new technology, now available on many Jaguar and Land Rover models.


Demonstration video on YouTube:

To learn more, watch a demonstration video on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6A0Dhh5CKK4.