Did you know Toll Tags must be positioned properly to operate?

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Many Jaguar Land Rover vehicles come with a Solar Attenuating glass windshield designed to filter sunlight through its special laminated (IRR) layer.

When using an electronic actuating card or device, such as toll tags or Radio Frequency ID Tags, they must be mounted at the dedicated locations on the inside of the windshield. If the electronic actuating card or device is located on any other part of the solar attenuating windshield, electronic scanners in toll plazas may not recognize them.

The proper mounting location may vary based on the make and model, and the  appropriate area may not be 100% clear glass as the cutout might be within the obscuration band. That’s why owners need to become familiar with the proper placement for their  specific Jaguar or Land Rover.


Info in the Resource Center

To see the recommended positions for affixing toll tags refer to diagrams in the Resource Center: Jaguar Toll Tags and Land Rover Toll Tags.