Did you know that some new owners do not know what to expect with Intelligent Stop/Start?


That means a not-so-good surprise when the vehicle shuts off. We’ve also had owners who don’t know how their system works if they release their seatbelts. There are features, functions and advantages of the Intelligent Stop/Start system that we need to pass on to new owners:

• Lower the A/C to 60° and show that the vehicle will not shut off
• Have the customer deactivate Intelligent Stop/Start to see the message that will display on the dash


Info on the Quick Start Guide

Find out more on the consumer websites for Jaguar (click on “Owners,” then “Manuals & Guides”) and Land Rover (click on “Ownership,” then “How-to Videos & Manuals”). You’ll be able to find the specific year and model, with descriptions for Stop/Start.


How-To Video available

For a more thorough video description, go to the JLR Training eNewsletter, and click on the Resource Center for a list of How-To Videos, including “Intell Stop.” There’s even a Share This feature, so you can send the video directly to your customer.

And, by the way, please take a look at both sources, so you are up-to-date on this feature that increases fuel economy and decreases emissions.