Did you know Auto High Beam Assist is available on many Jaguar and Land Rover vehicles?

Many Jaguar and Land Rovers vehicles are equipped with features that automatically adjust the exterior lighting when the jlr_sep2016_email_9-22_deploy_9-21-16correct conditions are met.

Auto High Beam Assist automatically moves the headlights to low beam for oncoming traffic or if you are following another

vehicle. To select this feature the lighting control stalk must be in the dipped position and the stalk turned to Auto. The feature only operates when you are traveling above 25 mph, and it deactivates when you are traveling below 15 mph.

When Auto High Beam Assist is in operation the headlights are switched back to high beam when the oncoming vehicle has passed or you are no longer following another vehicle. You can override Auto High Beam Assist at any time by pulling the lighting control stalk forward.

Customers will want to know all the details about Auto High Beam Assist, now available on many Jaguar and Land Rover models.

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