Did you know The All-New Discovery Launch Training Experience is just six weeks away?


The all-new Land Rover Discovery is coming early in 2017 with some great features you may not know about. Here are just a few:

• The powered inner tailgate will support 661lbs or 300kg (great for tailgate parties)
• Discovery has power and connectivity for all 7 seats; 8 devices can be connected to the Wi-Fi hotspot
• There are 21 different seat configurations, with the powered seats folding flat in only 14 seconds
• The cabin has 21 separate storage areas totaling 1.5 cu.ft or 45 liters
• InControl offers more than 35 exclusive apps for Apple and Android, including Spotify, Intelligent Weather and Newsreader

To learn more make sure you attend the launch training in 2017.


Info in the Resource Center

The All-New Discovery Launch Training Experience ─ Beyond Boundaries ─ begins in January 2017. For more information refer to the Training Bulletin in the Resource Center.