Did you know Jaguar and Land Rover navigation systems may not automatically cancel after reaching a destination?

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Jaguar and Land Rover navigation systems provide a premium range of services, but there are occasions when the navigation system may not automatically stop guidance after the vehicle has reached the selected destination.

Retailer personnel should explain to customers that in certain circumstances the system may not recognize arrival at the destination. This can occur if the vehicle is not driven to within a specific distance of approximately 325 feet from the GPS coordinates of the address. This may be more common with commercial addresses.

As a result the system may not automatically stop guidance. In this instance it is necessary for the user to manually stop guidance by selecting the navigation menu and “Stop guidance.” Otherwise the system may attempt to reroute to the prior destination on the next drive.


Info on Jaguar and Land Rover websites

For information about navigation system operation, visit: www.ownerinfo.jaguar.com or www.ownerinfo.landrover.com.