Did you know satellite radio on Jaguar and Land Rover vehicles has a Tune Scan function?

Retailer personnel should explain the Sirius XM™ “Tune Scan” feature to customers at vehicle delivery. The feature works as follows: the user can select up to 6 “Smart Favorite” channels in the Sirius XM favorites menu. After turning on the vehicle, the radio will record the songs played on each “Smart Favorite” channel.

When “Tune Scan” is selected, the radio will “scan” through each Smart Favorite channel and play back 5 seconds of  each channel from the beginning of the  recording. The user can select play and fast forward or rewind the songs if desired.

Screen Shot 2017-01-23 at 4.32.48 PM

There are three requirements for Tune Scan to work:

1) The user must have “Smart Favorites” stored.
2) Smart Favorites must be music content. KIIS-Los Angeles and Z100/NY cannot be stored as they are live radio.
3) The system must be on and receiving a Sirius signal for approximately 2-3 minutes before the feature is available.

If all 3 of the above requirements are not satisfied, and Tune Scan is selected, the radio will display “Scanning” and a rotating working graphic. In this instance the user must manually exit the screen using either the back arrow or the entertainment icon.


Info in the Owner’s Handbook

For additional details about Tune Scan refer to the Owner’s Handbook.