Did you know many Jaguar and Land Rover vehicles have a massage seat function?

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For the ultimate in wellbeing, both front and rear seats in select Jaguar and Land Rover vehicles can be specified with multiple massage programs. The massage function can be controlled through the Touch screen and allows occupants to select their desired seat massage program, vary the intensity of the selected program, and switch the program on or off. Rear seats may also be controlled by hard buttons mounted in the rear of the vehicle’s cabin.

After 10 minutes, seat massage will stop automatically and needs to be re-selected for repeated use.

In vehicles equipped with Touch Pro the Auto Massage function is controlled from the vehicle settings menu. To access the menu the user must select Settings > All Settings > Features > Seats. The option to turn on and off the Auto Massage function and to set the Time delay will now be displayed.

Note that seat massage may not operate when the vehicle’s interior temperature is below 32°F or above 122°F.

Customers will want to know about this amenity, now available on many Jaguar and Land Rover models.


Info in the Owner’s Handbook

For additional details about system operation refer to the Owner’s Handbook.