InControl Touch Pro

Did you know the restart process for InControl Touch Pro is similar to a personal computer?

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InControl Touch Pro is the most  advanced multimedia system Jaguar Land Rover has ever offered. In some ways it operates a little like a personal computer in regards to shutting down  and restarting.

If the driver needs to restart the vehicle after a brief shutdown it may take extra time for InControl Touch Pro to restart. For example, the system goes into shutdown mode after 3 minutes if the vehicle is switched off and not locked. If the vehicle is started again between 3 and 5 minutes there will be a delayed startup of InControl Touch Pro functions for approximately 30 to 40 seconds.

Retail personnel need to explain to customers at the time of Handover that the system is like a personal computer in shutdown mode and Jaguar Land Rover vehicles with next generation infotainment (NGI) must complete the shutdown cycle prior to regaining all functions. Product engineering is working on software changes that will improve the start-up sequence in this situation.


Info on Jaguar and Land Rover websites

For information about the InControl Touch Pro system, visit: or


Did you know Jaguar and Land Rover navigation systems may not automatically cancel after reaching a destination?

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Jaguar and Land Rover navigation systems provide a premium range of services, but there are occasions when the navigation system may not automatically stop guidance after the vehicle has reached the selected destination.

Retailer personnel should explain to customers that in certain circumstances the system may not recognize arrival at the destination. This can occur if the vehicle is not driven to within a specific distance of approximately 325 feet from the GPS coordinates of the address. This may be more common with commercial addresses.

As a result the system may not automatically stop guidance. In this instance it is necessary for the user to manually stop guidance by selecting the navigation menu and “Stop guidance.” Otherwise the system may attempt to reroute to the prior destination on the next drive.


Info on Jaguar and Land Rover websites

For information about navigation system operation, visit: or


Did you know Jaguar and Land Rover navigation systems can provide guidance when fuel is low?

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The route guidance feature on Jaguar and Land Rover navigation systems provides directions when following a route, but what you may not know about is a new feature that helps when fuel is too low to reach a destination.

Retailer personnel should explain how it works to customers:

• If route guidance is enabled and the vehicle does not have enough range to reach the destination, the system will automatically guide the user to a gas station nearest to the route.
• The gas station is added as a waypoint to the route.

In this situation it may be necessary to cancel guidance to the final destination and restart guidance after arriving at the waypoint.


Info on Jaguar and Land Rover websites

For information about navigation system operation, visit: or


Did you know you can help the customer by pairing their Bluetooth phone prior to retail handover?

When pairing a customer’s InControl Touch Pro infotainment system to a Bluetooth phone for the first time, the system displays the phone name as a type of (hexadecimal) code. For example, the car may display “54-40-AD-55-CC-85” instead of some-thing more familiar, like “David’s Phone.” This may lead to customer confusion.

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However, the vehicle displays the correct name after the ignition is shut down and during all subsequent drive cycles.

In order to eliminate any customer inconvenience, Retailer personnel should pair the customer’s phone, restart the vehicle and check functionality prior to handover.


Demonstration video on YouTube

To learn more, watch a demonstration video on YouTube.


Did you know satellite radio on Jaguar and Land Rover vehicles has a Tune Scan function?

Retailer personnel should explain the Sirius XM™ “Tune Scan” feature to customers at vehicle delivery. The feature works as follows: the user can select up to 6 “Smart Favorite” channels in the Sirius XM favorites menu. After turning on the vehicle, the radio will record the songs played on each “Smart Favorite” channel.

When “Tune Scan” is selected, the radio will “scan” through each Smart Favorite channel and play back 5 seconds of  each channel from the beginning of the  recording. The user can select play and fast forward or rewind the songs if desired.

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There are three requirements for Tune Scan to work:

1) The user must have “Smart Favorites” stored.
2) Smart Favorites must be music content. KIIS-Los Angeles and Z100/NY cannot be stored as they are live radio.
3) The system must be on and receiving a Sirius signal for approximately 2-3 minutes before the feature is available.

If all 3 of the above requirements are not satisfied, and Tune Scan is selected, the radio will display “Scanning” and a rotating working graphic. In this instance the user must manually exit the screen using either the back arrow or the entertainment icon.


Info in the Owner’s Handbook

For additional details about Tune Scan refer to the Owner’s Handbook.


Did you know InControl Touch Pro has a One Box Search Function?


InControl Touch Pro offers a quick and efficient way to easily search for a  destination or point of interest:

• From the main Navigation screen, select Search.
• Then use the One Box Search method, the fastest way to input a destination ─ just tap the search box to activate the keyboard.
• Enter your destination and select Enter.
• When you see the correct destination press Start to begin navigation to the selected destination.

When online, the system will search the web for the most relevant match and when offline the system is limited to the stored points of interest in the NAV system.


Video in the Resource Center

To find out more about this convenient one box search function, watch a video demonstration in the Resource Center.