Did you know Activity Key is available on the All-New Discovery?

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Previously available only on F-PACE, this wearable technology is a robust, battery less and fully waterproof wristband that supports active lifestyles because it allows the smart key to be locked inside the vehicle ─ an invaluable feature, for example, when the owner is going surfing or kayaking, or when the smart key would be obtrusive or difficult to keep secure.

To lock your vehicle, the ignition must first be switched off. After exiting the vehicle and closing the last open door, the activity key antenna activates for 30 seconds. The antenna is located behind the letter “D” of the Discovery lettering on the tailgate. You will have this time to place the  Activity Key against the letter. When the security pairing is complete, the vehicle locks and arms the alarm system. The hazard warning lamps flash to confirm.

The vehicle can be unlocked when the tailgate release switch is pressed and the Activity Key is placed against the “D.” When the vehicle is unlocked with the activity key used to lock the vehicle, any valid smart keys inside the vehicle are re-enabled. The vehicle may also be unlocked using a spare smart key, InControl Remote or by an additional activity key, however the disabled smart key will not be re-enabled until the vehicle is unlocked by the activity key used to lock the vehicle, or the vehicle is started using a spare smart key that was not deactivated when the vehicle was locked with the original activity key.

Video in the Resource Center
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