Did you know I-PACE Concept is the start of a new era for Jaguar?

Jaguar is ready to give customers the  technology they want and need. Coming in the second half of 2018, the Jaguar I-PACE Concept is smart,  clean and efficient. In short, it’s a  showcase for Jaguar electric luxury,  beautifully packaged in a five-seat SUV.

Screen Shot 2017-02-28 at 3.19.49 PM

A few key facts about the I-PACE Concept:

• Zero tailpipe emissions
• Targeted range of approximately 220 miles on EPA test cycles on a single charge
• 0-60 mph in approximately 4 seconds
• Electric motors on front and rear axles for All-Wheel Drive and combined power output of 400 hp and 516 lb-ft of instant torque.

The future is here.

Info and pre-orders on JaguarUSA.com
For more information about the I-PACE Concept visit JaguarUSA.com. The website also allows customers to place a pre-order via the “I Want One” tab.