Did you know the I-PACE will be Jaguar’s first battery electric vehicle (BEV)?


Available from the second half of 2018 the new Jaguar I-PACE will deliver 516 lb-ft of instant torque, 400 hp and 0-60 mph  in approximately 4 seconds, providing customers with an exceptional driving and  ownership experience.

Here are a few key facts about I-PACE:

• Quick: Electric motors make 100% of their torque at 0 rpm, so acceleration is remarkably fast.
• Quiet: No exhaust noise, just the whir of an electric motor. • Clean: Zero-emissions means no exhaust smells, no gasoline and no oil leaks.
• Convenient: Estimated range of approximately 220 miles on EPA test cycles on a single charge; never visit a gas station again.
• Simple: Just go and stop. No worries about gears, fluids, or anything under the hood.
• Cheaper: Up to 120 equivalent miles per gallon.
• Roomy: Without a big engine and transmission, designers have freedom to create more space.


Video in the Resource Center

For more information about I-PACE see the video in the Resource Center.