Did you know how to unlock the benefits of Touch Pro?


In order for your customers to experience the full benefits of Touch Pro, two accounts are needed to access the complete suite of InControl features. Jaguar and Land Rover customers will need individual accounts for both InControl Remote and Protect and InControl Route Planner (HERE account).

InControl Remote and Protect account provides customers with all the safety and security functionality of InControl Touch Pro. There are many benefits which this account provides consumers including access to the following:
– InControl Owner Portal
– InControl Remote (smartphone App)
– Stolen Vehicle Locator
– Emergency call functionality
– Breakdown call assistance

InControl Route Planner (HERE account) enables customers to enjoy the benefits of  intelligent navigation functions such as finding the best route, syncing it with their vehicle and managing their route preferences. Having a Route Planner account provides  access to:
– Navigation Pro additional features
– InControl Route Planner App

When registering for InControl Remote and Protect and InControl Route Planner, it is recommended that the user choose the same username and password for both accounts. If separate credentials are used customers need to understand they are registering for two separate accounts, and they must use the appropriate login information for each application.


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