Did you know Jaguar Land Rover continues to reduce emissions and meet all worldwide standards?

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Reducing exhaust emissions is one  of the biggest challenges for the  automotive industry. Since 2008  JLR has been investing in the development of ultra-clean gasoline and diesel engines. The result is our customers now have a choice of  vehicles with low emissions and world-class fuel economy.

This is part of a larger commitment by Jaguar Land Rover to implement a range of solutions aimed at reducing emissions of carbon dioxide (CO2), a gas that affects global warming. Here are a few of them:

– Jaguar Land Rover has invested over a billion dollars in cleaner engine technologies at its engine manufacturing center, in addition to further investment in electric and hybrid vehicles.
– Since 2005 Jaguar Land Rover has reduced average CO2 emissions at a greater rate than any other vehicle manufacturer.
– Jaguar Land Rover has developed diesel engines that typically emit up to 25% less CO2 than gasoline engines.
– In addition, JLR has reduced the weight of its cars by up to 40% by using lightweight aluminum and is on track to reach carbon neutral operations by 2020.


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