Did you know Land Rover Discovery has three Climate Control variations?


Land Rover Discovery features a  highly-efficient automatic Climate  Control system to ensure the interior is maintained at the perfect temperature, whatever the weather outside.

Three versions are available, ranging from a Two-zone automatic system, standard on SE, a Three-zone system, standard on HSE and HSE Luxury and a Four-zone system, optional on HSE and HSE Luxury. The Three-zone system provides 2nd row passenger controls in the rear of the center console. The Four-zone system provides additional roof and face level vents for occupants of the 2nd and 3rd rows. Additionally, a secondary cooling and heating module improves efficiency and is an integral part of the Four-zone automatic system.

With its independent heating and cooling capability, the Four-zone system offers a significant improvement in 2nd and 3rd row comfort and is highly recommended for vehicles equipped with 3rd row seats and/or used in extreme hot/cold climates.

Retail personnel should be familiar with Discovery’s Climate Control variations in order to help customers choose the system that best meets their needs.


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For more information about Discovery’s Climate Control system, see the Retailer Bulletin in the Resource Center.