Did you know HomeLink is available on every new Jaguar and Land Rover?

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All Jaguar Land Rover vehicles are available* with HomeLink, a wireless control system that allows drivers to open and close their garage door. The procedure to program the system is straightforward but customers may want some assistance.

To program the HomeLink device:

1. With the ignition switched on, press and release the HomeLink button (1) on the rear-view mirror. The LED in the rear-view mirror’s glass (2) flashes orange.

2. Position the end of the remote control (3) 1 to 3 in. from the HomeLink button.

3. Press and hold the button on the remote control. The LED on the rear-view mirror flashes green or continuously illuminates green. Release the remote control button.

4. Firmly re-press and release the programmed HomeLink button up to three separate times to activate the device. When the device activates, programming is complete.


Info in the Owner’s Handbook

For complete details about programming HomeLink devices refer to the Owner’s Handbook.

*CORRECTION: The previous edition stated HomeLink was standard on all vehicles.