Did you know Traffic Sign Recognition with Adaptive Speed Limiter could save Jaguar and Land Rover drivers from a speeding ticket?

41hHsm6ZbFL._SL500_AC_SS350_Jaguar and Land Rover vehicles equipped with Traffic Sign Recognition (TSR) have a forward facing stereo camera located behind the rearview mirror. The camera detects speed signs, no passing signs, and variable overhead speed signs.

The TSR system has three basic functions:

1. Speed limit detection: The instrument panel displays a corresponding sign.
2. Speed alert: When the vehicle’s speed is greater than the detected speed limit, a warning is displayed.
3. No passing zone: When a DO NOT PASS sign is detected, the system also displays a corresponding sign in the instrument panel.

When TSR is used in conjunction with adaptive speed limiter, ASL will limit the speed of your vehicle based on road signage. For instance, when passing a speed limit sign that is higher than the vehicle’s current speed, ASL will automatically apply a new maximum speed limit and reduce the acceleration of the vehicle.

TSR is a driving aid only and Jaguar and Land Rover drivers should observe all road markings.


Info in the Owner’s Handbook and Resource Center

For complete details about Traffic Sign Recognition refer to the Owner’s Handbook and view the demonstration video in the Resource Center.