Did you know the Range Rover Velar innovation story includes premium textile?

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Range Rover celebrates many firsts, one of which is the option of a contemporary and beautifully-crafted premium textile. Created by Kvadrat, it has been designed by craftspeople who truly understand the finest materials.

Exhibiting natural characteristics, this renewably-sourced rich wool yarn is extremely hardwearing, soft to touch and breathable, ensuring appropriateness in all temperatures. Its natural soil-resistant qualities ensure it will maintain its look and feel for many years.

If soiling does occur, natural water resistance means that spills can be dabbed off before staining occurs and a simple application of warm water and a soft sponge can be used for cleaning. Finally, it’s worth noting that Kvadrat shares the JLR ethos of wanting to continually reduce the environmental impact manufacturing companies can have.


Info on the Land Rover website

For additional information about Velar’s premium textile visit: www.landroverusa.com.