Did you know Adaptive Cruise Control includes Queue Assist?

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Jaguar and Land Rover vehicles  offer the option of Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) with Queue Assist for enhanced active safety. Using a radar sensor ACC can detect vehicles ahead and  automatically adjust speed to maintain a safe driving distance.

Queue Assist is intended for use in lines of traffic on main roads, where minimal steering is required. If a vehicle ahead slows to a stop, Queue Assist brings the Jaguar or Land Rover to a stop and holds it stationary. As the vehicle ahead moves away, a brief press on the accelerator pedal resumes ACC operation.

If the driver wishes to use normal cruise control, by holding the gap decrease button for a few seconds the ACC feature will deactivate.

Customers should know that ACC is not a substitute for driving safely, with due care and attention.


Info in Resource Center and on Jaguar Land Rover websites

For information about Adaptive Cruise Control with Queue Assist watch the video in the Resource Center and visit: www.ownerinfo.jaguar.com or www.ownerinfo.landrover.com.