Did you know the auto sunblind feature is available on additional Range Rover models?

The auto sunblind feature was first introduced on Velar and is now available on the 2018 model year Range Rover and Range Rover Sport. This function will automatically close the sunblind after the driver has exited and locked the vehicle. The sunroof will then return to its original position (opened, partially opened, or remain closed) when the driver returns to the vehicle and starts the engine. Remote engine start will not trigger the blind unless the driver is present.

Customers will want to know that a core benefit of this comfort and convenience feature is to reduce the rise of temperature inside the car due to sunlight penetrating the cabin through the panoramic roof.


Info in the Product Briefs

Additional details about auto sunblind, including the gesture sunblind function, are available in the Product Briefs for Velar, Range Rover and Range Rover Sport.