Did you know the special details behind Range Rover SVO Premium Paints?

SVO utilizes the latest paint technologies, premium finishes and finest craftsmanship to greatly enhance the individuality and appearance of Range Rover. The SVO paint facility at Oxford Road benefits from state-of-the-art processes and ensures that every vehicle is scrutinized in minute detail and finished by hand.

Customers can select from an exclusive palette of paint colors and finishes including tri, tinted or satin matte, or special pigments such as ChromaFlair to individualize the look of their Range Rover. When ordering vehicles with with Ultra Metallic (519SV) or Special Effects (503SV) paint and Satin Body Colored Exterior Accents (032IW), the body accents will follow both the color and finish of the paint. This creates a visually uniform appearance, complementing the design of the vehicle.

For example, a vehicle specified with an ultra metallic or special effects paint in gloss finish will be delivered with gloss finish accents in the same color (if body colored accents are also specified). If satin finish paint is specified, the body-colored accents will be in satin finish to match the vehicle. All other exterior accent packs, including Atlas, Shadow, or Black Pack are unaffected and can be ordered with any premium palette color or finish with no impact on the finish of the accents.

The Land Rover Configurator is being updated to reflect these conditions. Retailer personnel should advise customers of the painted accents depending on paint and accent option selected for the build.


Info on the Land Rover website

For additional information about the Range Rover SVO premium paint palette, visit: www.landroverusa.com.