Did you know Jaguar and Land Rover vehicles offer similar driving technologies but with different names?

Jaguar and Land Rover products utilize advanced technologies that enhance the driving experience. Among them are Jaguar’s All Surface Progress Control and Land Rover’s All Terrain Progress Control. Each is a low-speed cruise control that helps drivers maneuver their vehicles on slippery surfaces, such as snow, gravel, grass, sand and mud.

In addition, these systems include performance enhancements designed to help pull away smoothly and easily from a standstill in adverse conditions: Jaguar’s Adaptive Surface Response and Land Rover’s Low Traction Launch. Both assist launching on low-friction surfaces like ice, snow or wet grass.

Taken together these features make driving easier in challenging conditions, allowing the driver to maintain optimum control.


Info in the Resource Center and Jaguar Land Rover websites

For more information view the demonstration videos in the Resource Center and visit: www.jaguarusa.com and www.landroverusa.com.