Did you know Jaguar Land Rover offers a sales tool to help Retailers grow their accessories business?

Jaguar Land Rover North America has launched a branded accessory-to-vehicle visual configurator and retail selling process for all JLR Retailers. JLR has partnered with INSIGNIA Group, the industry leader in accessory configuration software and training, to provide this state-of-the-art selling tool that can easily double, and even triple a Retailer’s accessories business within six months.

In addition to their proven track record, INSIGNIA even offers a money back guarantee. (Terms and conditions apply.) Sales personnel find their accessories system effective at educating customers about the array of genuine JLR vehicle accessories available for their vehicle to make it an extension of their personality and lifestyle.

Retailers are invited to learn more about the JLR vehicle personalization system and start growing their accessories business.


Info in the Resource Center

For more information see the Retailer Bulletin and INSIGNIA’s guarantee program in the Resource Center.