Did you know Jaguar Land Rover vehicles have an adjustable Tire Pressure Monitoring System?

Most JLR vehicles have a feature in the Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) that allows owners to select between Normal and Light load settings. Selecting Light load enables a reduction in tire pressure without a TPMS light illuminating. Light load will provide a smoother, softer ride both on and off-road, while Normal load is designed to provide efficiency and is recommended when carrying a heavy load (more than three occupants).

The sensitivity of the TPMS can be adjusted between Normal load and Light (comfort) load via the instrument panel menus: Vehicle Information, Tire Information and TPM Load Setting. Every time the ignition is switched on, a TPMS message is displayed in the instrument panel indicating which load setting is being monitored. Please note when you switch between Normal and Light load air may need to be manually added or removed from the tires to not cause a TPMS warning message.

In addition, Recommended Tire Pressures and Current Tire Pressures can be viewed via the instrument panel menus.


Info in the Owner’s Manual

More information about the TPMS is available in the Owner’s Manual.