Did you know Discovery Sport’s Audio Upgrade Package is a great value for customers?

Sirius XM Satellite Radio is available in two ways on the 2018 Discovery Sport SE and HSE:
─ As a stand alone option (025LA) for $765
─ And as part of the Audio Upgrade Package (016AA) for $820

The Audio Upgrade Package includes the Meridian™ Sound System with 11 speakers, a subwoofer and 380 watts of power. Land Rover has partnered with Meridian, a world-leader in high-performance audio technologies to develop advanced sound systems for Discovery Sport. The result is the sharpest quality sound for only $55 more than the stand alone option.

Customers will want to know all the details about this great value.


Info on the Land Rover website

For additional information about Meridian sound systems visit: www.landroverusa.com.