Did you know people have many reasons for driving an EV?

From the tech-savvy to the money- conscious, people have many reasons for choosing to drive an Electric Vehicle (EV). Research* shows there are four main considerations:

Fun: Many people want to have the latest technology and this includes the vehicle they drive. In addition, electric motors deliver mountains of torque right from a stop with some models capable of performance on par with supercars.

Time Savings: Driving an EV for daily commutes means not having to make a separate stop to refuel. The added convenience of a home charging station saves trips to the fuel station and time spent in line. Many states offer EV drivers access to high-occupancy- vehicle (HOV) lanes, which can greatly reduce travel time especially during peak commuting hours.

Environment: EVs produce zero tailpipe emissions resulting in cleaner air.

Savings: Charging an EV can cost half as much (or even less) than buying gas, so driving electric can save thousands over the life of an EV. Plus, EVs are less expensive to maintain than internal combustion engines and are often eligible for federal, state and local tax incentives.


Info at Electrification Launch Training
Retailer personnel will learn more about the motives people have for driving electric at the Electrification Launch Training in Southern California beginning later this month.

*Center for Sustainable Energy (2016)