Did you know that Navigation Pro on I-PACE predicts your owner’s EV range for the trip?

And, the I-PACE Navigation uses much more than just previous mileage and energy consumption to calculate the range.

• Suppose your owner has a cabin in the mountains. The EV Navigation system uses E- Horizon technology where topography (slope/height) data is compiled into the navigation map to provide a more accurate range prediction.

• Whether it’s a cabin in the mountains, a trip to the shore or just around town, this technology can also provide the most Eco friendly drive route to preserve EV range

• The navigation system shows a predicted battery % remaining upon arrival, based on the topography of the route, types of roadways, current battery conditions, current features activated (heated steering wheel, max A/C, etc.) and driving style.

• Of course, the NavSystem also lets you know when recharging is needed, and where you can find charging stations on the route.

The best route, conserving electricity and peace-of-mind – a combination easily available to the I-PACE owner. Make sure you demonstrate these exciting Navigation/EV Range features to owners and prospects.